As we have for years, the Rotary Club of Kittery was waiting at the parade's end with free hot cocoa and cookies! Once again, we had very strong support from the very active Traip Interact Club. Many thanks to Aroma Joe's for the use of the thermos's, Subway for their donation of cookies, and 2nd Christian Church for the use of their kitchen to make all the cocoa.

On a bright sunny, and not too cool Saturday afternoon, we setup the canopy in the Ranger Park and waited for what was a very large turnout of parader's and spectators.We started with half a dozen Interact Club members helping, that number swelled as more Interact members arrived with the parade and joined the fun of making smiles.
Club member and Interact Advisor Blayne Matty arrived and quickly recognized that the drivers of the vehicles in the parade were being under served, and soon remedied that ~ hand carrying cocoa and cookies to them as they drove by. We gave out about 14 gallons of hot chocolate and roughly 30 dozen cookies. We got back hundreds of smiles and "thank you's".