With the 2024 District Conference held right on our beachfront (almost) we could not miss it. Several club members caught the boat and headed to the Isle of Shoals  on June 29th to complete the 2023-2024 Rotary Year!
The rain held off and over 164 Rotarians and families caught the M/V Thomas Laighton trip to Star Island at the Isles of Shoals June 29th. District Governor Marion Cheney's Conference team had managed to organize not only a very unique location, but at $45 a person , one of the least expensive District Conferences. Club members President  (2023-2024) Pam, PDG Andy, AG Maryna, co-President (2024-2025)Pauli. PDGx2 Marie, Bruce, and Dave made the trek across the bridge and onto the boat. The boat was dedicated to the conference and stayed at the island for the day.
AG Maryna and 2024-2025 President Pauli    PDG Marie & Bruce
Special guests for the event included Rotary International Director Drew Kessler and members of his remarkable Rotary family. Also onboard were two Canadian Rotarians, who came to talk up the 2025 Rotary International Convention in Calgary, stetsons included (which did not get blown away in the sea breeze).
The very full room in the science building, heard about the Poland Outreach trip from Gregg Dowty and the trip members, and the Rotary Foundation from PDG Dave Underhill, Rotary Foundation Director and PDG Marty Helman, RI Director Drew Kessler, and past RI VP and RI Polio Chair (and District 7780 PDG) Mike McGovern. RI Director Drew Kessler talked of Rotary membership, his own experience as a Rotarian starting at age 20, his wife who is a Rotarian and club president, and the involvement of all four of their children, two of whom were with us, accompanying their Dad and Mom.
Gregg Dowty and the Poland Trip                                    RI Director Drew Kessler
                                                                                     Collar by Singapore Airlines
President Pam Presenting
During lunch, the Club President's got a chance to talk about their clubs and (past) President Pam joined them, talking about completing the support of over 100 Blood Drives, but failing to mention that she had been the one to carry that effort for about 2 decades ;-).