Congratulations to our January Students of the Month, Shapleigh School Cecilia Higgins, a 4th Grader, and R.W. Traip  Acaemy Junior Camden Wiles.
This was our Student of the Month meeting for January and we welcomed the teachers. administrators, and families of our two students, one each from Shapleigh School and R.W. Traip Academy. The meeting is hosted at the Traip Academy in the school cafeteria.
Cecilia Higgins, 4th Grade, is the Shapleigh School Student of the Month. Cecilia was joined by her parents, and  brothers. Cecilia has started her school career at Shapleigh in an outstanding manner. She is positive, always cheerful, and a great student. Cecilia is very supportive of her classmates, caring, empathetic, and compassionate. She is quick to help teachers and classmates and she does it all with a great smile. Cecilia is a delight to have in the classroom and we will probably see her again in one or more capacities in her school career
High School Junior Camden Wiles  is the R.W.Traip Academy Student of the Month and was joined by his parents , his grandmothers, and his brother Carter. In three years Camden has gone through the levels of Spanish language at Traip with top scores. Camden is an all round top student. Camden  also mentors other students as well. In addition to being a great student Camden loves aviation, he reports this goes back to his great grandfather's love of planes. Camden's Dad reports he has been in a plane since he was 4 and is very comfortable in the air ~ and he has just completed his student pilot license certificate and only needs to wait until his 17th birthday to qualify for a full license, to quote his teacher Senora Cortes "I am scared of flying but I would fly with Camden". Although still a junior, Eric asked him one of his favorite questions "Have you given any thought to what your will do for your senior Capstone Project?". being the kind of person he is, Camden had in fact done so, "Build and experimental airplane"(!) Now that is an answer you don't get every day!
Superintendent and Club member Eric Waddell presents the book for signature
Two very remarkable young people, which is why this is the club's favorite meeting of the month. In addition to a certificate signed by both the school and the Rotary club each student gets a Rotary medallion, signs a book donated in their honor to the schools libraries, and their names are added to the plaque in the respective schools,
Cecilia and Camden signed the book to be given to the school library
Congratulations to the students, their teachers, and their parents!