The Eben Ezar School in Milot, Haiti, financed by "Life and Hope Haiti", is strongly supported by individuals, schools, and Rotary Clubs throughout the seacoast area.
On Tuesday, May 14 the Club received an update from organizers Amy Miller and Agnes Charlesworth on the the school and the children we sponsor.
In 2008 seacoast resident Amy Miller's family were vacationing in Haiti and met a US resident who had returned to her family's home in northern Haiti  to start a small 35 student, two room school  to help others. Amy brought the story back to the seacoast and built a support network that inspired schools, Rotary Clubs and many other interested individuals and organizations, eventually becoming the not-for profit "Life and Hope, Haiti" Our Rotary Club has been contributing in some way for roughly the last 10 years.. Currently several members sponsor children at the school and last year the Club made a commitment to sponsor four children ($880/year). 
The school is located in Milot Haiti which is near the northern coast. Although the area is well north of the area around the county's capital which was wracked by an earthquake, and has been in civil  turmoil lately, it is still a very poor area  and the school provides a training and education which is much needed.
Amy and her friend Agnes Charlesworth were the club's guest speakers on May 14th to provide an update on the school. The school has grown from the original 2 small classrooms and 35 children, to 11 classrooms and over 500 children. Funds have been raised to pay for teachers, , provide a generator, and solar panels, tools , water pump, refrigerator, s and other supplies, including a bus. Amy reports that they have shipped two large shipping  containers of supplies as well as packed suitcases of materials on trips to Haiti. There is a guest house and small restaurant that has been built on the site to provide some income for the school and training in the hospitality field for students. The restaurant is named after the Kittery Bob's (Clam Hut) whose employees raised a significant amount to support the school. Currently the status in the south of the country is making shipping and travel to the area very difficult and more expensive, but the school continues the work of providing education and hope.
The school assembled at the start of the day
From our October 3,2023 meeting, where the Club sponsored 4 children:
Amy and Agnes signed a book to be donated
in their names and "Life and Hope, Haiti"
to the Kittery school libraries