Posted by David B Gooch
On July 9 the Rotary Club of Kittery recognized an young individual who has demonstrated with grit and determination, that one individual can make a change.
Nellie Young set out over six month's ago to support a project in Peru in conjunction with her Interact trip there last spring.   She set out to assist the rehabilitation of a school.
Over the course of the last six months or more, Nellie has visited organizations, businesses, Rotary Clubs, and  the Rotary District Assembly with a presentation on the needs of the children involved and how it relates to many of the core goals and areas of focus of Rotary.  From providing "some help" she has grown her goals to making the project happen and in fact making it possible to be better and more effective. She has made real change possible for some children in Peru. She has also redefined what one can expect from a 16 year old, very determined, young person.
Nellie has earned the respect and support from individuals and Rotary Clubs throughout the District. 
Club President 2022-2024 Pam Gray had initiated the award and now Assistant District Governor Pam Gray presented Nellie Young with a Paul Harris Fellow on behalf of the Club.  We are all proud of what what she has done, proud of  the person she is, and of what she will achieve in the future with what she has learned from this effort.