The International Short term Rotary Youth Exchange involves two young people from different countries spending about three weeks in each other's country, hosted by their respective parents.  Monday, July 8th, Remick returned from spending three weeks in India with Akshay, his exchange "brother's" family, Akshay will now experience three weeks with Remick and his family. 
The pictures tell the story, a very confident looking Remick Matty led Akshay Kulkarni out of the airport, having just completed a three week visit with Akshay's family in India. While here together the boys will attend a Rotary meeting and share tales of the adventure to date, but first on the agenda is probably a dip in the Atlantic. The Short Term program is designed to fit within the break in the school year, but gives time for the travelers to know their hosts and experience the community. Remick left on his 16th Birthday to fly alone to Nashik, India. Looks like a very confident young traveler returning ;-).
Both of Akshay's parents are members of the Rotary Club of Nasik.