Collecting Salad Dressings for Footprints Food Pantry! As fresh garden produce becomes available and is donated to the pantry, salad dressings are needed to complement! However Salad Dressings don't grow in gardens, they need to be donated, and once again Club President Pam has initiated a Salad Dressing drive to fill Footprints Shelves for the gardening season.
One of the many projects Club President Pam initiated, (being a gardener herself and contributor of  of produce to Footprints), was the collection of salad dressings in the late spring to help supply Footprints Food pantry shelves. Salad dressings are not a usual donated item and certainly are looked for when making meals with the fresh produce donated in the summer months.
This year the collections from the Club seemed a bit slow; disappointing as this, her second year as Club President was coming to a close. Where was that "Magic of Rotary?
Would you believe?! We were holding out until Club changeover day! Greeting the outgoing Club President with a room full of dressings. (The drive is continuing into July however)