Bernie Reim joined is for our April 2, 2024 meeting to talk about the upcoming solar eclipse and astronomy in preparation for the upcoming eclipse to occur across Maine and down through Texas on April 8th.
Bernie Reim is a self-taught astronomer who has taught astronomy labs at the University of Maine for many years. He writes a monthly astronomy column for the Portland press Herald, is vice President of the Astronomical Society of Northern New England, the co-host of a weekly radio science program, and he runs the Sunday shows at the Southworth Planetarium in Portland.
Bernie talked of some of the world’s very large telescopes and planetariums with pictures of their facilities, including the one he visited in Texas on his trip to see a solar eclipse.
He then explained that could be seen if viewing a total eclipse and where we would need to be if we wanted to experience the up coming event on the 8th. Bernie explained that in our area the sun would be about 98% eclipsed but that  would not allow us to see any real difference in light due to the brightness of the sliver of sun not fully covered. The area of total eclipse will be north of us here in Maine as it moves west and south toward Texas.
Bernie also warned that except in the few minutes of direct total eclipse any viewing of the sun has to be done through appropriate filters to avoid damage to eyes.